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Drain Repair

Are you in need of drain repairs? If a drain or drains in your home or business are repeatedly clogged regardless of what you have done to them, there is a chance that you may need something more intensive than drain snaking or hydro-jetting; your drain may actually need repair work.

Drain Maintenance

Your home’s drain lines can be compared to the circulatory system of your body. Just as the body has ‘lines’ in place to bring the body the fluids it needs and ensures that not only do they keep circulating properly but also that they carry away the wastes that you don’t need, so too does your home have drain lines that carry away unwanted water and sewage.

Sewer Cameras

A sewer camera can be the answer to discovering the cause of a recurring drainage problem. Regardless of whether it is a home or a business, a sewer camera inspection is often what is recommended if the true nature of the recurring blockages is going to be determined so that it can be effectively dealt with

Hydro Jetting

If you find that your drains are continual slow even after the use of a drain snake, you may want to consider a service offered by Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains called hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is a rather simple solution to the issue of clogged or congested drainage pipes.

Drain Snake

Are you in need of drain cleaning or repair? There is nothing quite as annoying as a clogged drain, especially when even the strongest drain cleaning liquids you can buy at your local hardware store seem to be having no effect whatsoever. If you are having issues with a drain that simply will not behave and do what it was designed to do, it may be time to call in the professionals.

Water Heaters

Ah, there is nothing like a long hot shower or a soak in the tub, even when washing your hands hot water is a wonderful thing to have. But in order to have that nice hot water you are going to need a top quality water heater that will serve all of your hot water needs regardless of whether you live alone or are providing hot water to an entire office building.

Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains can help you in your search. Not only are we an authorized hot water heater installation expert, but we can recommend the best hot water heater for your residential or commercial hot water heater needs.

From electric to propane to natural gas, the experts at Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains will see to the selection and installation of your hot water heater whether it’s a 30 gallon efficiency model or a 120 gallon model with high heating capabilities.

Our commitment to quality is guaranteed, and we will provide the same quality of selection and installation service for all of our clients, and our professional installation staff will ensure that your new hot water heater is installed properly the first time so that it will pass state inspections with flying colors. We will also ensure that your water heater is installed in a timely manner, meaning that you will not have to be unduly inconvenienced when it comes to being without hot water.

Keep in mind that the federal government is offering tax rebates of up to $1,500 on qualifying water heater products and installation. There are also many rebates available for energy efficient models from specific manufacturers as well as tax write offs from specific power companies. You can contact a Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains representative for specific information regarding your ability to claim your hot water heater on your taxes or how to go about receiving your manufacturer’s rebate.

At Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains you can rest assured that the installation of your new hot water heater will receive the same dedication to service and commitment to quality with which we perform all of our work, a fact that has given Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains a top of the line reputation when it comes to plumbing services for the San Diego area.

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Slab Leaks and Repairs

When a house is built on a slab (as opposed to a foundation) there is always the chance that there can be a leak in the pipes that are located beneath the concrete slab foundation.

Depending on your location and the kind of copper used in the construction of homes in your area (as well as the aggressiveness of your water) your home’s pipes may be prone to slab leaks or in need of repair.

Due to the nature of slab foundations, a slab leak may not be immediately identifiable. Sometimes it is simply a matter of recognizing that your carpets or floors are inexplicably damn (even wet), but sometimes it is more subtle. Sometimes the key symptom is an unreasonably high water bill that doesn’t fit with your home’s water usage.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you have a slab leak, you can call the professionals at Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains. A professional technician will come out to your home and evaluate your situation and let you know if there is a problem and what your options are for having it addressed.

At Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains we have technicians that have been personally selected and trained in all the very latest methods of electronic slab leak identification and who are knowledgeable regarding repair options and suggestions to help alleviate your problem. They will come to your home with their state-of-the-art slab leak identification equipment to assess your problem and offer suggestions.

Our state-of-the-art electronic slab leak equipment enables our technicians to pinpoint the leak point in copper piping. Most of the time Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains can repair an identified slab leak on the spot, though there are occasionally times when a re-pipe or bypass of the pipe that is leaking is called for, in which case you will be advised as to the most effective and least expensive way to handle your problem

If it is found that you do indeed have a slab leak, you can rest assured that by contacting the professionals at Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains your slab leak concerns will soon be a thing of the past, as will your high water bills and/or wet carpets!

Our reputation for excellent customer service and plumbing professionalism has been earned through our commitment to ensuring that our customers’ needs are met in a timely and efficient matter, and our care for your slab leak issue will receive the very same attention to detail that all of our other services offer.

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Do you have a plumbing problem? We understand that ‘do-it-yourself’ projects are all the rage at the moment, but a home’s plumbing is akin to the body’s circulatory system, and wouldn’t you want the person treating your circulatory system to be a real doctor? Don’t risk damage and personal injury by trying to take care of your plumbing problems yourself. Call the experts at Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains.

Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains will send a qualified plumbing expert to evaluate and fix even the toughest of plumbing problems. The technician who arrives at your home will not attempt to sell you something that you don’t need. They will give you an accurate evaluation of the situation and tell you in plain language just what is wrong and how much you can expect to have to pay to get it fixed. From sump pump failure to sewer backflow; from clogged drains to dripping faucets, no job is too small or too complex for the Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains plumbers.

Each of our certified technicians is hand selected based on their experience and expertise in the field. But it’s not just their skills that set our technicians apart, it’s their knowledge and knowhow; it’s their adherence to the high ethical standards that our company holds as the center point of our goal for providing the very best in plumbing services for all of our valued customers.

Serving the San Diego area, Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains provides the very best quality service at competitive prices, and once you’ve experienced our service you will be spoiled for anything else. We take pride in being able to solve any problem you have, and are eager to add your success story to our company’s ever growing list of satisfied customers.

So no matter if you have running water issues or low water pressure; slab leaks or dripping faucets or broken garbage disposals or an issue with your tankless water heater, Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains has what you need to solve your problem and getting things back on track.

So call the experts at Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drains today and find out how we can get your home or businesses circulatory system running a little smoother and make your life a little easier.

For more information on our services or to schedule an evaluation by one of our technicians, please call us.